Temperature Control


Graphic-Chart ActiveX Components

ActiveX Automation Components including Scope, Chart, Plotter, PieChart, BarChart, 3D Components, Indicator, Gauge, ProgressBar, Ruler, Temperature Control, AlphaNumeric LED, Counter and others can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and

Magic Enhancer Lite  v.1.0

Using Magic Enhancer you can improve your photos: adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. It is perfect for enhancement of photos with lack of lightness. Convenient color temperature control allows fixing color balance defects easily.


Lubbo's Fan Control  v.0.1.9

Lubbo's Fan Control is designed to be a speed fan controller for MacBook Pro Unibody (Nvidia) under BootCamp.

Temperature Scan

"Temperature Scan is an affordable Temperature monitoring system that allows you to be notified of changes in temperature as they happen. This tool can be used to monitor server room and data center temperatures to prevent disaster. A plug and play

CYBER QII Control Interface  v.1.0.4

The CYBERQII is one of the most advanced BBQ controls on the planet. It is called the CYBERQII because it can be used to control two pits simultaneously.

RDM TDB Control Editor  v.1 2

RDM TDB Control Editor is a program for the Plant Controller (TDB) device which is related to a series of hardware platforms that give you multi-input and multi-output options with a self programming option or a built in operating system.

AWDABPT for Buildings  v.11.0.7

AWDABPT for buildings is designed for the estimation of the average room air temperature of multi-storey buildings, shelters and cabinets which may accommodate people and/or heat dissipating equipment such as for communications systems.

SpecView 32  v.2 5

SpecView makes it easy to use a PC with control and monitoring instrumentation, allowing you to operate,analyze,record and much more.Strategy Controller logic engine for process automation.Secure connection via LAN, modem & Internet.

FL593 QuickConnect  v.1. 2. 2009

This adaptable module is ideal for remotely controlling multiple laser diodes -- such as burn-in racks or L-I characterization systems. Set point, current limit, channel tracking and feedback mode settings are all under computer control.

Emech Config  v.1 53

Emech Control are the world leaders in ceramic disc valves and electronic 'closed loop control' actuators.

KomWin  v.2.26.5

KomWin 2.26 is a kit for controlling the heating system of rooms under different conditions. The kit is available for hot water and for direct electric system. It has a working principle relating to change in temperature.

PN Eye 1140  v.1. 2. 2021

PN Eye 1140 is limited by the fact that only one Poseidon 1140 device can be monitored at a time. To monitor more devices (sensors), it is necessary to use other offered programs and utilities (nmsDashboard, CapTemp etc).

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